Capital Campaign

More than four years ago, a group of community leaders came together to plan a new, stand-alone, beautiful mikvah to meet the needs of the growing Jewish community in the Lower Merion area.  The then existing community mikvah was over 40 years old and too small to handle communities needs. 

Over 300 Community Members responded to the call. We are grateful for each and every one of our donors!

Thank you to all of our Dedicated Donors!

We extend our sincerest thanks to all those who made this dream a reality. The support and participation from all the constituents of our community in this project is a moving statement of achdus and shared devotion to taharas hamishpocha. It is our hope that this mikvah be a beacon of kedusha for all.


Rabbi Yechiel Biberfeld

– The Philadelphia Community Kollel

Rabbi Yonah Gross

– Congregation Beth Hamedrosh

Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky

– Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia

Rabbi Eli Kopel

– Aish HaTorah Philadelphia

Rabbi Abraham Levene

– Lower Merion Synagogue

Rabbi Shraga Sherman

– Chabad of the Main Line

Rabbi Avraham Shmidman 

– Lower Merion Synagogue

Rabbi Avraham Steinberg

– Young Israel of the Main Line

It takes special individuals to build a community and we want to recognize the energy and passion that each one of you has demonstrated for this project. So many have generously dedicated funds, time and love for this sacred endeavor and we hope and pray that this place of holiness and purity brings blessings to our exceptional community.

Adina Shmidman and Dini Steinberg, co-chairs of the Capital Campaign Committee​

Special Dedication

Kohn and Rasch Families



Stacey & Amir Goldman


Debra and David Magerman


Sharon and Tom Baker

Ben Samuel Family

Hedy and Morris Cohen

Dale Dunoff and Aryeh Dunoff A”H

Tamar and Dovid Daniel

Cheryl Epstein

Jill and Raphael Gabay

Beth and Len Ginsburg

Susan and Jordan Hullman

Renee and Boris Kalandar

Aliza and Joshua Rosman

Esther and Alex Schwartz

Sharon and Srully Stoll

Naomi and Ira Sved

Aviva and Rabbi Chesky Weiss

Hili and Jonathan Zimbalist

Seth Zwillenberg

The Beth Samberg Team

Lower Merion Synagogue

Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia


Elana and Baruch Avis

Brooke and Yisrael Bauer

Joan and Joel Betesh

Sara and Joshua Bleier

Lisa and Jordan Booty

Ellen and Michael Braffman

Diane and Andrew Braid

Bracha and Rabbi Eli Breiner

Malka and David Caroline

Carly and Jonathan Chodosh

Elise and Martin Ciner

Ruthi and Ben Cohen

Lauren and George Danneman

Eitan and Malki Dvir

Miriam Shulamis and Rabbi Naftoli Eisemann

Janet and Daniel Eisenberg

Rachel and Yisrael Ellen

Rachelle and Larry Ellis

Randi and Rick Feld

Julie and Ira Feldman

Ruth and Rabbi Gedaliah Feldman

Alyssa and Lee Fiederer

Aderet and Yehuda Frager

Julie Frankston-Morris and Shmarya Gasner

Naomi and Stanley Goldis

Andrea and Richard Gottlieb

Bracha and Rabbi Ephraim Goldfein

Frayda and Rabbi Shmuel Grunberger

Jeanne and Dov Haselkorn

Deena and Gabriel Herman

Gilya Hodos and Len Freedman

Margelit and Shmuel Hoffman

Lorna and Alan Joffe

Tamar and Joshua Katz

Larah and Jon Kirschner

Sandy and Michael Kornhauser

Dana and Herschel Kupfer

Susan and Sid Laytin

Leslie Litzky and Gary Friedman

Rachel and Jeff Lobman

Lori Lowenthal and Jerome Marcus

Rachel and Jeremy Mazurek

Rivky and Koby Milgraum

Elana and Amrom Obtsfeld

Michelle and Skip Pasternak

Inna and Israil Pendrak

Shelly Phillips and Ted Tapper

Judy and Joel Pomerantz

Suri Rabinovici

Mindy and Jay Rosenblum

Marcia and Larry Rosenthal

DeeDee and Rabbi Moshe Rudenstein

Linda Sagman

Lori and Leon Salkin

Shira and Uriel Schechter

Rachel and Ian Scheinmann

Melissa and Seth Schwartz

Deena and Rabbi Mordechai Schwersenski

Kineret and David Shakow S

hinefeld Family

Iris and Joshua Simon

 Ronit and Shaun Snitman

David Srolovitz

Stieglitz Family

Lisa and David Stein

Julia and Ira Strassman

Michal and Michael Twersky

Feige and Pesach Wellerstein

Lisa Wise and Steven Weiner

Diane and David Zwillenberg

Chabad of the Main Line

Young Israel of the Main Line Sisterhood

Women’s Immersion Pool

Mikvah USA

Entrance Mezuzah

Lisa & Michael Wachs



Erlbaum Family

Gittel and Alan Hilibrand

Belinda and Steven Raikin

Sima and David Sherman


Borck and Schwartz Families

Shani and Dov Daniel

Debbi and Marc Frankel

McKenzie and Asher Kohn

Shira and Mendel Kupfer

Marlene and Mark Moster

Rivka and Rabbi Yisrael Schwartz

Asya and Moshe Sigelman

Rachael and Moshe Starkman

Dvasha and Nachum Stollman

Ronni and Shlomo Troodler

Diane and Ari Weintraub

Lower Merion Synagogue Sisterhood


Henchy and David Abraham

Ariel and Gabriel Amzallag

Chana and Shlomo Hershkop

Frimi and Rabbi Yitzchok Levi

Chaya and Russel Lyons

Elizabeth and Rami Nahmias

Rachel and Omid Niknam

Elizabeth and William Shaid



Sarah and Rabbi Howard Alpert

Dahlia and Jacob Amar

Mushki and Bentzi Avtzon

Mindy and Rabbi Avraham Baum

Liba and Rabbi Yirmiyahu Bauminger

Amanda and Rabbi Menashe Benedict

Eti and Elchonon Berkowitz

Karen and Herbert Berkowitz

Harriet and Lawrence Bernstein

Rachael and Rabbi Yechiel Biberfeld

Susan Caplan A”H and Robert Caplan

Dina and Lawrence Caroline

Sharyn and David Chase

Julie Charlestein and Darryl Benjamin

Shoshi and Brian Cohen

Phyllis and Yaakov Colman

Dvora & Rabbi Isaac Entin

Talia Eisenstein and David Lebor

Ruth and Ronel Elul

Janis and Richard Fine

Jenny and Emil Fish

Michal and Yonatan Frankel

Karen and Jonathan Friedman

Sheri and Martin Friedman

Miriam and Rabbi Josh Friedman

Lea Keil and Eliot Garson

Janet and Gilad Gevaryahu

Chava and Rabbi Dov Goldschmidt

Lonna Gordon and Michael Kopinsky

Denise and Steven Gorlechen

Elana and Jonathan Gotfried

Abby and Alex Greene

Hannah and Matthew Hamermesh

Devorah and Matisyahu Harris

Devorah and Nachum Helig

Rosalyn and Irvin Hirsch

Amy and Elliot Holtz

Daniella and Rabbi Aaron Horn

Gwen and Steven Horowitz

Amanda and Daniel Israel

Helene and Greg Jaron

Michele and Larry Jonas

Judy and Morris Jutcovich

Rochelle and Shloime Kalkstein

Shoshana and Rabbi Shimon Kay

Deborah and David Kleinman

Esti and Rabbi Elliot Kopel

Hannah Lee and Eyal Barzel

Rebbetzin Choni and Rabbi Abraham Levene

Naomi and Rabbi Daniel Levitt

Judith and Robert Levy

Michelle and Rabbi Joshua Levy

Miriam and Rabbi Baruch Lichtenstein

Rachel Loonin and Josh Steinerman

Blima and Jack Ludmir

Rachael and Natan Matityahu

Adeena and Dan Menashe

Amy and Charles Meyers

Chana and Jeffrey Miller

Michelle and Kenneth Miller

Paige and Alan Nochenson

Dalia and Levi Ocken

Diane and Howard Okrent

Hanna and Naftali Perlberger

Sarinha and Barry Pransky

Ruth and Noah Prywes

Rene Rubin

Gerrie and Joachim Rudoler

Rebecca and Ike Sasson

Randy and Abraham Scheer

Faye and Ari Schuchman

Jasmin and Moshe Chaim Shinohara

James Simon

Eileen and Albert Singer

Adina and Miles Spiller

Devora and Rabbi Yonaton Spinka

Marilyn and Jerry Stern

Dini and Rabbi Avraham Steinberg

Betty Sved

Susan Szczepanski

Becky and Nachi Troodler

Gail and Martin Twersky

Tal and Rabbi Joshua Weinberger

Sharon Stampfer and Matthew Weitzman

Marguerite and Ronald Werrin

Lynn Klein and David Wiener

Jennifer and Michael Willner

Mindy and Jonathan Zaslow

Congregation Beth Hamedrosh Women’s Organization

Bridal Room

The Seligsohn Family

in loving memory of Sharon A. Seligsohn A”H

Reception Area

Irina & Herb Caskey


Alisha and Jack Abboudi

Rebecca and Ari Adlerstein

Ariella and Moshe Chasky

Vera and Robert Moreen

Shari and Stuart Rudoler

Susan and Sherman Frager



Joanna and Fred Brown

Marjorie and Sandy Bruck

Gail and Gary Cantor

Galitte and Robert Den

Ruth Garfield and Larry Deutsch

Yaffa and Rabbi Yochanan Eskenazi

Rivka and Rick Fox

Israela and Eliot Friedman

Yedida Goldman and Nadav Schwartz

Jaqueline and Jonathan Gomberg

Susan and Harold Gordon

Sharon and Shimon Joshowitz

Debra Markowitz and David Kaplan

Cyndilee and David Kosloff

Phyllis and Ted Kosloff

Ruthie and Abba Krieger

Alina and Adam Levine

Shelly and Steven Melman

Monique and Robert Mogyoros

Phyllis and Charles Parker

Melissa and Rabbi Gil Perl

Pia and Stuart Pollack

Shari and Chaim Saiman

Amber and Joseph Schwarz

Adina and Rabbi Avraham Shmidman

Linda and Les Spero

Jenny and Mati Sved

Monique and Stephen Wallace

Hennie and Rabbi Shimon Wolf

Young Israel of the Main Line